Innovation is about ideas that make life better.


What does it really take to deliver innovative propositions? And what separates companies that drive their industries forward from those that simply talk the talk? This book takes you inside the minds of the world’s most effective innovators to answer these questions and more.


Real stories

In real stories from industries like healthcare, finance, technology and telecommunications, the business leaders in this book reveal what it takes to bring products and services to life.

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6 Building Blocks

What do successful innovators have in common? Look closely and some key principles emerge. Together, they form a practical innovation framework for innovators everywhere: 6 Building Blocks.

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Ready to innovate?

Whether you’re innovating from a boardroom, the field, a classroom or a lab, this proven model can help you sense new value, nourish ideas and become an innovation leader too.

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14 innovation leaders

In this book, seasoned innovators weigh in on the big debates: how to design an innovative organization of diverse voices, how to protect and grow ideas so they succeed, and how to tune corporate radar to inspiration and turn the signals received into new value.

“This highly engaging book provides numerous great experiences from talented innovators from across a wide range of industries. Travel along with their innovation journeys, enjoy the ride, and become more effective yourself in the sometimes bumpy but always inspiring process of successful innovation.”
— Erik-Jan Hultink, Professor of New Product Marketing at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Who needs this book?

Whether you’re a corporate changemaker, a C-suite executive, consultant or MBA student, this book has something to teach you.


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6 Building Blocks for Successful Innovation:
How Entrepreneurial Leaders Design Innovative Futures is available now.