Who needs this book?


All of us

This book is for everyone whose success depends on getting bright ideas started – and keeping them alive. And let’s face it: in the world we live in, that’s all of us.


What you’ll get from this book

  • Hear from leaders with direct responsibility for innovating in a wide range of industries and learn how they do it

  • See how to structure for innovation, gain momentum inside an organization and use ideas to shift companies and industries

  • Gain insight into what innovators look for when they sense the environment and learn to avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions that stop great ideas coming to life

  • Approach innovation in a more balanced way with the 6 Building Blocks helping you prioritize execution and value delivery from inspiration to implementation

“6 Building Blocks for Successful Innovation is an invaluable resource for practitioners in the field. Equal parts cookbook for innovators and collection of innovation stories from diverse companies, countries and industries. It will sit on your desk, not your bookshelf.”
— Phil Phelan, Vice President, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Publicis Sapient, Australia

Who has most to gain from reading this book?

Corporate changemakers

Get perspectives on how to drive effective execution

If you’ve been asked to drive a high visibility corporate project that takes you outside your comfort zone, this book’s for you. You’re looking for information, ideas and new solutions that drive long-term growth for the business and maybe you need answers to questions like these:

  • How can I engage people across my company and outside it, including new partners and startups?

  • What’s the best way to start my innovation project and keep it moving?

  • How can I get off on the right foot with partners?

  • What happens if I hit a plateau or a roadblock?


C-level executives

See how other leaders drive an innovation agenda


If you’re guiding others to establish innovation programs within your company, this book’s for you. Through real stories from other innovative leaders, it walks you through how to set the overall environment for innovation and create a nimbler company that’s open to ideas from outside. Perhaps you’ve experimented with innovation for a while and you’re looking to answer questions like:

  • How can we balance short term versus long term innovation?

  • What should our innovation portfolio look like?

  • What’s the best way to manage different types of innovation initiative?

  • We have lots of ideas – how do we pick the best one?

  • How can I help my people understand true innovation rather than incremental innovation?



Learn how to help others excel

If you’re helping a leader or company who is trying to innovate, this book’s for you. Perhaps your client is starting out in innovation or has hit a roadblock and can’t unleash the power of innovation. This book offers many stories across many companies to inspire the next initiative – it’s food for thought for everyone who makes their living advising and supporting would-be innovators.


MBA students

See innovation come alive


If you’re taking courses in strategy and innovation and want to ace the case interview in your next job, this book’s for you. Perhaps you’ve read a lot about theories and frameworks of innovation but you seek richer stories from people that can really be exemplars for you. This book brings innovation vividly to life while also referencing key academic research that corroborates and expands on the real life stories of the innovators featured.

“This text offers insights from a breadth of fields that can stimulate readers from any domain to leverage these creative journeys. The first-hand accounts are particularly compelling, and really communicate the critical role of context.”
— Siri Terjiesen, Professor & Dean’s Research Fellow of Entrepreneurship at Kogod School of Business, American University, Washington, D.C., Director of the American University Center for Innovation, and Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway

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6 Building Blocks for Successful Innovation:
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